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This BSP provides a basis for development, deployment and execution of Linux based applications on the phyCORE-AM335X System on Module (SOM). For detailed information on the various software components included in the release and how to use them, please refer to the Quickstart.


Linux Kernel3.2
PTX Distribution2013.01.0
OSELAS Toolchain2012.12.1

This Release is compatible with the following hardware:

BSP Release VersionBSP Release DateSOM PCB VersionCB PCB Version
1358.2 [1]1359.2

[1] Due to updated RAM timings different software is required to boot the board. Please use BSP Download PCM-051-12102F0I.A0 images that have modified versions of the bootloaders.

BSP Download

Release PD13.1.0 can be downloaded from the link below.


Release PD13.1.0 should be used in conjunction with Quickstart version L-775e_3:

What’s Supported

This BSP Release supports the following components:

  • Linux Kernel: 3.2
  • NAND Flash: Bootloader, Kernel, Filesystem
  • NOR Flash: Bootloader, Kernel, Filesystem
  • UART: RS-232 on UART_0; UART_1
  • USB: USB_0-OTG enabled for Host mode; USB_1-OTG enabled for Host mode
  • Ethernet: ETH1 from RMII1 (not stable above 96 Mbit/s); RGMII2
  • SD / MMC: MMC_0 enabled; MMC_2 used with WiFi; all other MMC not tested

WiFi: TiWi R2 on MMC_2

  • CAN: CAN_0 enabled
  • SPI: SPI_0 enabled
  • I2C: I2C_0 enabled

EEPROM: at24 on I2C_0PMIC: TPS65910A3 on I2C_0RTC: RV-4162-C7 external RTC on I2C_0; PMIC TPS65910A3 RTC on I2C_0

  • Audio: Wolfson Codec WM8974 Headphones, Mono out, Mic in, Speakers
  • Display:

Prime View PD050VL1 LVDS (LCD-017-050V)Prime View PM070WL4 LVDS (LCD-017-070W)Prime View PD104SLF LVDS (LCD-017-104S)EDT ETM0700G0DH6 TTL (LCD-018-070-KAP)Hitachi TX09D70VM1CCA TFT (LCD-011)

What’s Not Supported

This BSP Release does not support the following components:

  • Bluetooth: TiWi R2 on McASP1/UART_1
  • Power Management: Standby and suspend-to-RAM
  • Graphics: OpenGL binaries under TSPA license

Fixed in this Release

  • SPI-NOR Flash environment is stored in SPI-flash
  • MMC environment is stored on SD Card
  • Bootsource detection
  • Muxing of UART2 and UART3
  • Inaccurate systemtime
  • Increased NAND speed in barebox

New in this Release

  • support for AM335x controller revision ES2.1
  • LCD-018 ETM0700G0DH6 Display (default)
  • Audio

Known Issues

  • OpenGL is not enabled by default
  • Writing I2C EEPROM in barebox does not work
  • ETH1 - PHY0.0 is not found

Workaround: Ethernet Cable must be plugged into X12 before Linux is booted

Upgrade and Compatibility Information

To upgrade to a new BSP release, simply delete the old release and extract the new release in its place.



Validation Information

Drivers have been tested with in-house test cases.

Technical Support

For further support please visit PHYTEC's Support Portal