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Operating SystemLinux
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This BSP provides a basis for development, deployment and execution of Linux based applications on the AM335X System on Module (SOM). For detailed information on the various software components included in the release and how to use them, please refer to the Quickstart.



Linux Kernel3.12.30
Yocto1.8 (Fido)
OpenGLOpenGL ES 2.0 (PowerVR SGX chipset driver





Linux Devicetree Summary

(Yocto machine configuration phycore-am335x-1)

Default dts targetam335x-phycore-rdk.dtb
Default dtsi include descriptionDefault dtsi include list
Carrier Boardam335x-pcm-953.dtsi

Other dts files are available for alternate SOM and Carrier Board configurations.

Compatible Hardware

BSP Release VersionBSP Release DateSOM PCB VersionCB PCB Version

BSP Download

Prebuilt images of PD15.2.1 can be downloaded from the link below:


Quickstarts for phyCORE-AM335x-PD15.2.1:

PhyCORE-AM335x RDK Linux Quickstart PD15.1.x

BSP Features

InterfaceDetailImplementedTestedEnabled in DTSNotes

uart0YesYesYes(RS-232) on Connector X18
uart1YesYesNoSignals conflicts with can1
uart2YesYesYesExpansion Connector X5
uart3YesYesYesExpansion Connector X5
uart4YesNo[click for info] 
uart5YesNo[click for info] 

i2c0YesYesYesExpansion Connector X5
i2c1YesNo[click for info] 
i2c2YesNo[click for info] 
Ethernet10/100 on SoMYesYesYes


10/100/1000 on CarrierBoardYesYesYesRGMII Mode
MCASPmcasp0YesYesYesUsed by WM8974 on Carrier Board
mcasp1YesNo[click for info] 

mmc0YesYesYesSD/MMC Card on Connector X20
mmc1YesNo[click for info] 
mmc2YesNo[click for info] 
CommunicationTiWi-BLE BluetoothNoNo  

TiWi-BLE  WiFi

(module PCM-953)


Use Yocto machine configuration "phycore-am335x-7" to enable WiFi

  • uses kernel dts "am335x-phycore-rdk-wifi.dts"
  • builds root filesystem with WiFi support
USBusb0YesYesYesUSB 2.0 Mini-AB OTG Connector X7
usb1YesYesYesUSB 2.0 Standard-A Connector X8 (Host)
CANcan0YesNo[click for info] 
can1YesYesYesDB9 Male Connector X13
SPIspi0YesYesYesExpansion Connector X5
spi1YesNo[click for info] 
Display and TouchLCD (24-bit Interface)YesYesYes

Requires LCD-018 option

Connectors X4 and X31

Analog LCD TouchYesYesYes

Capacitive: ETM-FT5x06 (on LCD-018-070-KAP)

Touch Controller -  i2c_ts (i2c0)

HDMIYesYesNoDisplay pins configured for LCD
BacklightYesYesYesRequires LCD-018 option

User Buttons and LEDs


User buttons: btn1, btn2

User leds: led1, led2

Bus enable GPIOs: gpio1_8 and gpio1_9 pulled LOW


8/16-bit NAND Flash (GPMC)YesYesYes 
SPI NOR FlashYesYesYesserial_flash on spi0
EEPROMYesYesYesat24c32 on i2c0

External RTCYesYesYesRV-4162-C7 on i2c0
PMIC RTCYesYesYesTPS65910A3 on i2c0
AM335x RTCNoNo Planned for Future
Power ManagementPMICYesYesYesTPS65910A3 on i2c0

WM8974 on CarrierBoard

JTAGJTAGN/AN/A Connector X21

[1]  It may be possible to change the software configuration to utilize this interface even if it is not being set in the board's default configuration. Please see the Pin Attributes listed in TI's AM335x datasheet for more information on the various modes each pin can be muxed to.

Fixed In This Release

  • meta-yogurt layer

    • Qt5

      • Fixed Qt5 debug build: because of a gcc bug, Qt applications could not be built with debug information in some cases

  • Disabled crypto module due to buggy behaviour

  • Added workaround for SMSC link detection issue

New In This Release

  • Kernel

    • Support for Wifi Expansion module PCM-958

    • Add support for Audio WM8974 Codec on PCM-953

    • Added support for new displays:

      • LCD-018-035-KAP

      • LCD-018-043-KAP
      • LCD-018-057-KAP
    • Added support for resistive touch
    • Updated edt touch driver to support new firmware version
    • Support basic EMMC handling (added EMMC image, added tool to change extended registers in bootloader, added update handler for raw mmc images)
  • U-boot

    • Updated version to 2015.09.0

    • Added watchdog support (Only enabled in bootloader as default, see documentation)

    • Add support for ethernet boot

  • Yocto

    • Updated version from Dizzy to Fido

Known Issues

PHYTEC Known Issues

  • Boot tests showed in about 2 of 2000 boots that the SMSC LAN8710 phy could not be found. The PHY ID readout is wrong. The generic PHY driver will take over. Ethernet is still functional is this case.

Texas Instruments Known Issues

  • See here for a list of TI's known issues for their SDK 7.0 kernel 3.12 release. PD15.2.1 is based on kernel 3.12.30 from TI.

Technical Support

For further information or to report any problems, visit the PHYTEC Support Portal