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Release Notes

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This is a Release Candidate BSP. Please use this BSP ONLY for evaluation purposes. PHYTEC does not recommend starting any development based on this BSP. As of  TI has released a newer version 02.00.xx.xx.xx SDK and we are working to utilize this for the next release.



This BSP provides a basis for development, deployment and execution of Linux based applications on the AM57xx System on Module (SOM) (PCM-057). For detailed information on the various software components included in the release and how to use them, please refer to the Quickstart.



Linux Kernel3.2

Linux Kernel3.14.43 LTS (Based on TI Release
Yocto1.6 (Daisy) (Based on TI Release
U-Boot2014.07-gfb6ab76 (Based on TI Release
Supported Yocto Imagearago-core-tisdk-image

Compatible Hardware

BSP Release VersionBSP Release DateSOM PCB VersionCB PCB Version


BSP Download

Prebuilt images of phyCORE-AM57xx-PD15.1-rc1 can be downloaded from the link below:

Please contact PHYTEC Support for software access: PHYTEC Support Portal (You may need to create an account)


Quickstarts for phyCORE-AM57xx-PD15.1-rc1:

phyCORE-AM57x RDK Linux Quickstart PD15.1-rc1

BSP Features






uart3YesYesenabledConnector X18 (default serial console)
uart4YesNo[click for info] 
uart5YesNo[click for info]Connector X17
uart6YesNo[click for info] 
uart7YesNo[click for info] 
uart8YesNo[click for info] 
uart9YesNo[click for info] 
uart10YesNo[click for info] 

i2c1YesYesenabledAvailable on expansion Connector X28
i2c2YesYesenabledConnected to HDMI1_DDC
i2c3YesNo[click for info] 
i2c4YesYesenabledUsed for Audio Codec - available on expansion Connector X28
i2c5YesNo[click for info] 
Ethernetcpsw_emac0 (RGMII0 on SoM)YesYesenabled


Connector X7

cpsw_emac1 (RGMII1 on CarrierBoard)Yessee Known Issues enabled

RGMII1 - KSZ9031RNX Connector X8

Display and TouchAnalog Touch Control 1Yessee Known Issues disabledCapacitive: ETM-FT5x06 (on LCD-018), I2C4
Analog Touch Control2Nosee Known Issues disabledResistive: STMPE811 (on CB), I2C4
PWM BacklightYesYesdisabledehrpwm0 (EHRPMW1A on CB)
24-bit LCD InterfaceYessee Known Issues disabled

LVDS Connector X25

requires LCD-018

HDMIYessee Known Issues disabled


Connector X24 (encoder TPD12S on carrier board)


mcasp1Yessee Known Issues disableddisabled
mcasp2YesNo[click for info] 
mcasp5YesNo[click for info] 
mcasp6YesNo[click for info] 
mcasp7YesNo[click for info] 
mcasp8YesNo[click for info] 

mmc1YesYesenabledConnector X2
mmc2YesYesenabledeMMC on SOM
mmc3YesNo[click for info]Connector X26 (WiFi/BT connector)
USBusb1YesYesenabledUSB 3.0 Standard-A Connector X30 (Host only)
usb2Yessee Known IssuesenabledUSB 2.0 Mini-AB Connector X9 (device default); signals may also be routed to X19 (Standard-A)
CANcan1YesYesenabledDB9 Connector X6
can2YesYesenabledPin Header Connector X5

spi1YesNo[click for info] 
spi2YesNo[click for info] 
spi3YesNo[click for info] 
spi4YesNo[click for info] 
QSPIqspi1YesNodisabledNOR Serial Flash on SOM
SATAsata1YesYesenabledConnector X11 (SATA) and X12 (power connector)
PCIepcie1Yessee Known Issuesenabled Connector X27 (PI6C557 4x PCIe Connector)

User Buttons and LEDs

MemoryEEPROMYesYesenabled M24C32 on I2C1
NAND (8/16 bit)YesNodisabledNo NAND populated
QSPI NOR FlashNoNodisabledN25Q128A connected to QSPI1
eMMCYesYesenabled mmc2 on SOM
RTCInternal AM57xxYesYesenabled Internal to processor
PMIC TPS659037 YesYesenabled TPS659037 I2C1
External RTCYesYesenabled RV-4162-C7 on I2C1

Stereo Codec on CarrierBoard

Yessee Known Issues disabledTLV320AIC3007 codec; connected to McASP1 and I2C4
CommunicationTiWi-BLE WiFiNoNodisabledConnector X26
TiWi-BLE BluetoothNoNodisabledConnector X26
Parallel CameraVIN3 on i2c3NoNoNot ConfiguredX23 (phyCAM-P connector)
Hardware AccelerationGraphics (PowerVR SGX544)Yessee Known Issues enabled  

[1] Interface requires additional configuration, such as pinmuxing. It may be possible to change the software configuration to utilize this interface even if it is not being set in the board's default configuration. Please see TI's AM57xx technical reference manual for more information on the various modes each pin can be muxed to.

New In This Release

  • N/A

Fixed In This Release

  • N/A

Known Issues

PHYTEC Known Issues

  • Kernel
    • Graphicsomapdrm-pvr fails to load or results in kernel panic: When attempting to use either the HDMI or LCD interfaces with the Weston init scripts and other PowerVR examples, the system hangs on a kernel panic. As a result, HDMI, LCD, and DSS are currently disabled in software until the error is resolved.
    • Audioaplay results in a mcasp transmit buffer underflow error and MMU/DSP failures. As a result tlv320aic3007 codec and related interfaces are currently disabled in the software until the error is resolved.
    • Power: VBUS_DET implementation prevents complete poweroff. USB2 uses the PMIC VBUS_DET circuit, and when VBUS is provided by the processor (USB2 in host mode), the USB2_VBUS signal connected to the PMIC generates a WAKE event.As a result, the PMIC powers the system back up as soon as the shutdown finishes.
    • USB: USB2 OTG fails to transition from host to device mode: USB2 is configured for 'otg' mode by default. When the system turns on, it will properly be detected as a device when plugged into a host machine. Plug and un-plug events are detected. If a device is plugged in to the USB2 port, triggering host mode behavior from the system, it will remain in host mode until the next warm reset or cold boot.
    • Ethernet: SOMs populated with AM572x silicon revision 2.0, ethernet auto-negotiates but fails to acquire an IP from DHCP or communicate when provided a static IP. There are no issues with silicon revision 1.0 or 1.1.
  • Yocto

    • Package ltp-ddt fails to build with arago-core-tisdk-image. Current workaround: Remove ltp-ddt from sources/meta-arago/meta-arago-distro/recipes-core/packagegroups/
  • U-boot
    • Processor fan is not enabled in u-boot. 

Texas Instruments Known Issues

Record IDDetailsWorkaround
Ducati decoded output frames are padded, and
padding needs to be removed prior to waylandsink
in GST pipeline
1. Use GST pipeline with kmssink, or 2. Use videocrop along with VPE
for cropping and display, as shown in example above.
LCD size isn't automatically detected to configure
VPE to scale video and display on waylandsink
1. Use GST pipeline with kmssink, or 2. Use VPE static width, height for
scaling, as shown in example above
ti-vpe and ti-vip kernel modules are not
automatically loaded at boot time
ti-vpe and ti-vip can be manually inserted in order: "modprobe ti-vpe";
"modprobe ti-vip";
When HDMI is connected, booting with
Weston/matrix GUI results in Kernel segfault. The
crash happens when starting the Matrix GUI.
Disable Matrix GUI before the booting: go to directory /etc/rc5.d and
rename S97matrix-gui-2.0 to K97matrix-gui-2.0
GStreamer Plugin for Ducati Encoders doesn't work
IVAHD encoding can be done using videnc2test as in Matrix GUI
SGX H/W recovery error (sometimes requires
reboot) when surface is deleted and re-created in
Waylandsink. For. e.g: At the end of playing clips
using GSreamer with waylandsink.
Use GST pipeline with kmssink.
Clicking/touching Qt5 demos outside of the demo
app sends the demo to background, and no way to
return to Matrix screen from touchscreen
Avoid clicking the background. If demo window goes into background,
user can log into EVM to stop Matrix GUI via "/etc/init.d/matrix-gui-2.0
stop" to bring the demo back to foreground. Matrix GUI can be restarted
via "/etc/init.d/matrix-gui-2.0 start".


Technical Support

For further support please visit PHYTEC's Support Portal