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  1. How-to: Request an RMA

    for choosing PHYTEC! how-to rma kb-how-to-article Updated title to conform to new naming scheme.
    Develop.phytec07 17, 2018
  2. How-to: Find my product serial number

    is "S00 005472". serial number 3 edited.jpg The bar code also contains the serial number. kb-how-to-article rma Updated title to conform to new … Reviewed This how-to will demonstrate how to find product serial numbers for various PHYTEC products. There are a few different formats for PHYTEC product
    Develop.phytec07 17, 2018
  3. How-to: Get schematics for PHYTEC products

    . Related issues kb-how-to-article schematics
    Develop.phytec04 02, 2019
  4. Technical Support Contacts Russia *For inquiries from France, contact PHYTEC France office.  kb-how-to-article
    Develop.phytec10 31, 2017
  5. How to Use PHYTEC EEPROM Flashtool with PHYTEC AM572x SOMs

    v1.01.00 kb-how-to-article … . This allows OEMs to deploy a single image that supports multiple hardware targets. This How to details the use of the PHYTEC EEPROM Flashtool with PHYTEC AM572x SOMs
    Develop.phytec06 20, 2019
  6. How to Add packages to your BSP from an existing recipe

    . Related issues kb-how-to-article … is described within these layers using recipes. Everything from where Yocto can find the source to how it builds the source and where it is deployed. Customizing a BSP
    Develop.phytec04 02, 2019
  7. How-to: Run GStreamer pipelines on phyCORE-AM572x

    ! kmssink kb-how-to-article phycore-am572x gstreamer … , install as described in the How-to: Test Camera on the phyCORE-AM57x Linux RDK guide. 3. Connect the 12V power supply, press the S2 switch to power on the board
    Develop.phytec10 02, 2019
  8. How-to: Configure and use Wi-Fi Direct (P2P)

    PD16.1.0 Release Notes Date WiFi direct allows for devices to connect and communicate without requiring an access point. This how-to article describes … -how-to-article Updated title to conform to new naming scheme.
    Develop.phytec07 17, 2018
  9. How to Build Qt Application with PHYTEC Yocto BSPs

    issues   kb-how-to-article phycore-am335x
    Develop.phytec07 05, 2017
  10. How To Use SPIDEV on phyFLEX-i.MX6 Yocto BSP

    = "spidev"; spi-max-frequency = <57600000>; reg = <2>; }; };         phyflex-imx6 kb-how-to-article Updated title … Configuration In the case of this BSP, ecspi3 and ecspi5 are already configured for spidev. The following instructions describe how to clone the kernel source
    Develop.phytec07 17, 2018