Known Issues


This page describes the known issues on the phyCORE-AM65x Alpha kits.

Processor Silicon Revision Errata

Silicon Rev 1.0 - Pre-production

The phyCORE-AM65x Alpha kits are using TI's Silicon Revision 1.0.  Below is a list of errata from TI, which will be addressed in a future silicon revision.  This version is considered pre-production and is recommended for evaluation purposes only.

phyCORE-AM65x Development Kit

Open Hardware and Software Issues

IDInterfaceAffected HW VersionAffected SW VersionDetails


Planned Fix


Camera (CSI)Carrier Board PL1499.2N/A

The MIPI Camera interface is currently not supported. The pinout of the X22 camera connector is reversed from the pinout order of the phyCAM-M MIPI Camera cable.

HW changes planned in next revision:

The X22 camera connector pinout will be corrected and the connector will be moved to the bottom side of the board along the same edge for proper mating and camera orientation.


PCIeCarrier Board PL1499.2N/A

Some PCIe cards may prevent the phyCORE-AM65x Alpha Kit from booting up when connected.

The capacitive load introduced by PCIe cards may cause the 3.3V rail to droop during power-up. This causes a voltage supervisor on the SOM to trigger a reset and prevent the system from booting up. This behavior varies depending on the load of the connected PCIe card.

HW changes planned in next revision.

PCIe is disabled in Software due to this unreliable behavior, but it can be enabled for testing.


PRU Ethernet


Carrier Board PL1499.2N/A

The hardware does not support Industrial Ethernet protocols that require MII mode, such as EtherCAT.

HW changes planned in next revision.


MikrobusCarrier Board PL1499.2BSP-Yocto-TISDK-AM65xx-ALPHA1Support is not currently planned for this interface, and may be removed from the development kit in the future.TBD


Temperature/Power ConsumptionSOM PL1498.1BSP-Yocto-TISDK-AM65xx-ALPHA1

The phyCORE-AM65x Alpha kit includes a heatsink and fan due to the AM654x SOC's power dissipation. We strongly encourage the use of this heatsink and fan for Silicon Revision 1.0.

Investigation is under way to improve power consumption and changes are expected in TI's next silicon revision.



PRU Ethernet ETH1/ETH2



The ETH1/ETH2 ports are unstable.

Kernel panics and crashes are observed in various instances and it is not recommended to use these ports at this time.  

Please refer to below E2E posts for additional information:

Patches are expected to be included in TI's Q2 SDK release.  


eMMC Boot Failure

SOM PL1498.1


Booting from eMMC is inconsistent and may exhibit the following boot failure:

U-Boot SPL 2018.01-g4fa60c5-BSP-Yocto-TISDK-AM65xx-ALPHA1 (Jun 14 2019 - 22:01:35)
SYSFW ABI: 2.5 (firmware rev 0x0013 '19.2.0-v2019.02 (Curious Crow)')
main_gpio1@601000: set_value: error: gpio 23 not reserved
main_gpio1@601000: set_value: error: gpio 17 not reserved
Trying to boot from MMC1
mmc fail to send stop cmd
*** ERROR: Can't read GPT header ***
part_get_info_efi: *** ERROR: Invalid GPT ***
*** ERROR: Can't read GPT header ***
part_get_info_efi: *** ERROR: Invalid Backup GPT ***
** Partition 1 not valid on device 0 **
spl_register_fat_device: fat register err - -1
spl_load_image_fat_buf: error reading image tispl.bin, err - -1
SPL: failed to boot from all boot devices
### ERROR ### Please RESET the board ###

There are known issues with the stability of the eMMC driver in this SW revision and we expect updates to address this in TI's next SDK.


If eMMC boot is not working but you would still like to use WiFi do not load U-Boot from eMMC.  Instead boot from SD and then mount eMMC as rootfs from U-Boot before booting into Linux:

setenv mmcdev 0
setenv bootpart 0:1


Kernel Panic after 'poweroff' command in LinuxTBD


Kernel panic occurs after executing 'poweroff' command.

Same behavior is observed on TI's EVM.


Disconnect power after executing 'poweroff' command. 


Warm ResetTBD


Pressing the physical warm reset button (S2) on the Alpha kit results in a system hang and the board does not properly reset.

Same behavior is observed on TI's EVM.


Disconnect and reconnect power.


Hang after 'reboot' when booting from eMMCTBD


Executing the 'reboot' command when booting from eMMC, results in a hang.

Same behavior is observed on TI's EVM.


Disconnect and reconnect power.


Display touchN/ABSP-Yocto-TISDK-AM65xx-ALPHA1Touchscreen not enabled by default in ALPHA1 release.


Replace k3-am65xx-phytec-lcd-018.dtbo in root filesystem /boot/ directory with overlay file found here.

Open Software Issues from TI

Texas Instruments Known Issues (U-Boot)

Texas Instruments Known Issues (Linux Kernel)

Resolved Hardware and Software Issues 

IDComponentInterfaceDetailsResolved in HW Version