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Operating SystemWindows CE
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This BSP provides a basis for development, deployment and execution of Compact 7 based applications on the phyCORE-AM335X System on Module (SOM). For detailed information on the various software components included in the release and how to use them, please refer to the Quickstart.


Windows Embedded Compact

Based on TI Release BSP_WINCE_A8


This Release is compatible with the following hardware:

BSP Release VersionSOM PCB VersionCB PCB Version


BSP Download

Release PD12.0.0alpha can be downloaded from the link below.


Release PD12.0.0alpha should be used in conjunction with Quickstart version PD12.0.0alpha:

What’s Supported

This BSP Release supports the following components:

BSP components in the BSP and their current status if applicable:

  • Boot from SDCard (via SDMMC slot)
  • Debug console on X18 RS232 connector
  • 5"/7" LCD Display support (7" for default SDBoot files, settable in EBOOT)
  • Touchscreen
  • Ethernet (DHCP) (*) See Known Issues
  • USB Host (Memory stick, Keyboard, Mouse)
  • USB OTG (USB Serial tested to Windows Mobile Device Center 6.1)
  • SDCard (SDMMC) (mounted as "\Storage Card")
  • NAND Filesystem as Root partition and for Hive Registry, mounted as "Mounted Volume"
  • I2C1 - CEDDK Interface used
  • KITL Output Enabled on supplied images. KITL Debugger disabled on retail images, enabled on checked.

OS Components included by default in OSDesign:

  • ActiveSync + FileSync
  • C libraries & Runtimes
  • TCP/IP
  • Winsock
  • Network utilities
  • USB Host (Mouse, Keyboard, Mass storage mounted as "\Hard Disk")
  • USB Device (ActiveSync / Windows Mobile Device Center)
  • CESH for console control in Platform Builder/KITL

What’s Not Supported

This BSP Release does not support the following components:

  • Device Drivers

WiFi: TiWi R2 -- MMC2Bluetooth: TiWi R2 -- McASP1/UART1Audio: Line In, Line Out, Mic In, SpeakersI2C: EEPROMSPI: EEPROM, General purposeCAN

  • Power Management: Suspend to RAM

Fixed in this Release

N/A - This is the first Release of this BSP

New in this Release

N/A - This is the first Release of this BSP

Known Issues

  • Boot argument update doesn't properly save the settings to the SDCard or NAND store for subsequent boots

Workaround: Generate a different boot.cfg with the desired default settings

  • DHCP doesn't currently work with the KITL handoff between EBOOT and NK

Workaround: Use static IP addresses

  • DEBUGCHK reached in exfat:storedisk.cpp, and 2 places in the time/notify code in Microsofts pricate code (DST), only seen in Checked Image, but continuring passed the breaks continues without issues
  • Incomplete driver support (RTC, Audio, SGX/PVR, SPI, CAN, WiFi, GMII, EEPROMs, UART2)

Upgrade and Compatibility Information

To upgrade to a new BSP release, use the Windows uninstaller to remove the existing BSP via Start->Control Panel->Uninstall a program. Then install the new BSP using the Microsoft installer package or executable, e.g., Phytec_AM335x_Compact7_Setup-PD12.0.0alpha.exe.



Validation Information

Drivers have been tested with a combination of in-house test cases, as well as with the Windows Embedded Compact7 Test Kit (installed along with Windows Compact 7) where applicable.

Technical Support

For further information or to report any problems, contact PHYTEC Technical Support.